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Have you ever wanted to see behind the curtain of a new musical in development? Now is your chance! Join us March 28th and 29th at The Arts Hub, in Lafayette, for a workshop/reading of Act 1 of the new musical, Star-Crossed: An Ancient Love Story. By Nigel Knutzen, Lily Hitelman, & Megan Mitchell.

Workshop/preview of Act 1 of a new musical in development.

Directed by Erin Thibodaux

"Star-Crossed: An Ancient Love Story" is a delightful drama-comedy that draws inspiration from the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet. Mary finds herself isolated and alone in her empty nest after her kids have all moved away. Opting for early retirement, she embraces a new chapter in her life by moving into Somerset Homes for senior living. The substantial adjustment becomes even more intricate as Mary encounters Richard from Yorkshire Homes, the neighboring residence that shares a courtyard space with Somerset Homes. What unfolds is a captivating blend of romance and turmoil as their paths intertwine.

Note: There will be a talkback after each performance with the Creative team. This is a valuable part of the process for them to hear directly from audience members!

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